Thursday, July 14, 2011

Little Bit of Beauty

Here I am. A long-neglected plant. For years, I've been here, existing with practically no care. Only the fortunate drip of the faucet, and the blessed rain, which was plentiful this spring. So, I was able to muster the energy to produce one fragile bloom. I stood upright in this desolate place, ready to make a stand against the carelessness and craziness of your dog.
For weeks, petals have been forming, going from a dusky shade of green, to a gentle light blue violet. My arms were reaching for sunlight, hoping for a chance. You saw me out there, giving it my best effort. You were thinking, look, a little bright spot exists here, even when I don't try to nurture it.
Then, in an instant, it ended. Before my buds burst open, my life was dashed by the unthinking creature. A reckless beast on a mission to frighten a garbage truck, knocked me pointlessly to the ground.
And yet, hope remains. My roots will continue to inhabit the soil, and my leaves will carry on, taking in sunlight and moisture. Although my flowers will not grace your yard this year, look elsewhere. Little bits of beauty exist all around, if you take the time to notice.