Monday, August 22, 2011

Fun Summer Kid's Classes

 I had tons of fun this summer with several groups of students. One of my favorite projects is paper mache. It's sometimes difficult to do because it takes quite a bit of time - papering, then drying in successive layers. But I think these two projects were very successful for the students.

This bee was part of the fun we had at Great Valley Museum's summer science class, Amazing Animal Art. I had a class of 8 six to eight-year olds. They each made their own insect paper mache. While we worked, a selection of LIVE insects sat on the table with us - including some Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches! We also made clay animal necklaces, and drew an animal classification poster.

The giraffe was a project of a small class I held at my home studio. We formed the armature with foil and bamboo skewers, then papered over it with several layers. In the end, we added clay hooves, button eyes, and yarn mane and tail.

My last classes of the summer were at Salida Elementary where each grade came to work on a special project. Kinders made torn paper collage, 1st graders made fruit prints, 2nd graders painted a lion portrait, 3rd graders created charcoal still life pictures, 4th grade worked on a watercolor landscape that showed the water cycle, and 5th graders painted a watercolor self-portrait! Whew, it was a busy week. A few of the projects are shown below.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Laundry Day

After much deliberation over the title, I finally settled on Laundry Day. I know everyone can relate to this painting. After several loads of laundry, you find yourself with a pile of unmatched socks. Where have they gone? Is there a drier imp? A sock thief? Well, since my daughter and I both love decorative socks, those imps and thieves have a lot to choose from. So, having nothing else to do with a pile of single socks, I decided to paint them.

Original watercolor painting, 22"x30", unframed (at the moment), $500 from my Etsy shop.

Prints are available at

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Over in the Valley

This is my first book. I self-published last year, and have been selling it in various places in the San Joaquin Valley. The text is an adaptation of the old song "Over in the Meadow", which my mom sang to us at bedtime when we (my brother, sister and I) were young. Since I was born and raised in the Valley, I chose to focus on Valley wildlife.  The California Tiger Salamander has become my "mascot," but all the animals are special in one way or another.

You can purchase the book on or at

In Modesto, its available at the Great Valley Museum, and the Little Shop at the Modesto library.