Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Maybe It'll Catch on Someday

Well, it's only a month until Christmas. Would you consider buying original art from a local artist?

It seems like I've tried to come up with a hundred different ideas for marketing my art in the last year. Not many have actually gone anywhere. But, when I think about them, all these ideas seem like they ought to catch on!

First there was the hand-painted shoes. A novel thing a year ago. Still pretty cool. Most people seem not to be willing to pay $40 for the art... a bargain, I think. A design can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to complete. The Santa/Reindeer pair are still available.

Then, I tried a couple of t-shirts. Very pretty, but very labor-intensive. And again, who wants to pay $50 for a t-shirt. This one took me probably 4 hours to paint. If I charged my "hourly rate", it would cost $200.

Wedding portraits. Another great idea, right? I've done one, as you can see. A lovely bride commissioned this one as a bride's gift for her grandparents, who were paying for the wedding. It was painted from the grandparents' wedding photo which was damaged and yellowing. I heard they loved it!

Then, there's the portrait-in-20-minutes idea. This young lady invited me to her birthday party.  It was a fun, art-themed party. While the guests were busy making their own art, I painted 11 portraits in the space of 3 hours. It was really fun, and each kid got to take their portrait home. I thought, what kid wouldn't love that?

The most recent venture is into cookbooks. This is my favorite painting from "Bernie Bread, and other Knoll family recipes" -- a project my dad and I finished just last week. We are selling them, even though it was mostly intended as a ... for family and friends.

All those projects aside, what I really want to do is illustrate more children's books. I'd love to make a little money doing it. I've been working on several new ideas. I've made the most progress on a story called "Patient for Pumpkins." Its about a boy and his dad going to the farmer's market, finding what's in season, while waiting for the pumpkins to be ready. A couple of publishers have already rejected it. I'm considering self-publishing again. If I do it myself, it should be ready by spring. Just a few more illustrations to complete....


  1. I can totally relate, Linda! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. I especially love your pictures of animals in nature and foodstuffs/ farmer's markets. Love the brussels sprouts one!

    Your bee picture reminds me of a photo from my beehive. You can see a worker bee as she's being "born" (Emerging from her cell). See it here: