Saturday, October 13, 2012

Art of Justice

The Art of Justice is a fundraising project for the Stanislaus County Family Justice Center, an organization that provides coordinated services to victims and survivors of domestic violence. Somewhere around 50 local artists, including myself, created art works inspired by, or actually including art produced by children in the Center's ARK (Art Restores Kids) program. All the pieces will be for sale to benefit the Center. 

My inspiration was provided by 7-year-old Savanna. I picked this piece because I liked the colors, and I had hope that the mom truly did get out of the violent situation.
One of my favorite subjects to paint is plants and flowers, and these ferocious looking fly traps had some fabulous colors -- just right to go with my butterfly fairy mom. I thought it would be appropriate for mom to be escaping this  dangerous landscape. No matter how pretty or sweet they look, these spiky fiends are dangerous.

I started with a quick marker sketch to work out the basic composition of my painting. 
Then, using additional reference of "carnivorous" plants, I sketched out the plants in more detail. Then, I transferred the sketch onto my final watercolor paper.

I started painting the fairy first to establish the color palette. My greens are mainly created by mixing two of my favorite colors, quinacridone gold and cerulean blue. When I got this far, I realized I had a little problem with her leg, which I fixed before going much further. Later I added a little more detail to her facial features.

I debated whether to just start in painting, or work with a lot of masking fluid right off. After getting this far and realizing how difficult it would be to get around all those spikes, I decided to go with the masking fluid.

The little plant I added here is called  "sundew." Its another plant that attracts insects with its sweet, sticky juice.

I worked detail from front to back, except for the sky. And I should have left it for last. Cerulean is a "sedimentary" color, and can sometimes appear blotchy, which it definitely did here. 

Instead of trying to even out the whole sky, I opted to add some more greenery in the background. I think it added a little more depth, so I was happy with the change.

The rest of the sky was evened out somewhat. I added final details to the foliage. Lastly, I added a painted border because I didn't want to mat over her wingtip.