Friday, November 15, 2013

Inspiration from Kids' Projects

I've been SO busy lately teaching art, that I haven't had a lot of time to make any myself. But, after working on a project with trees the other day, I was inspired to try one.

I remember being asked once why techniques such as crayon resist aren't used in "grown up" art. I couldn't really come up with a good answer, except that other methods are available that aren't really suited to kids or teaching. This method of resist uses masking tape. To get a nice rough edge that looks like bark, I had the kids tear the tape, and create the tree with multiple pieces.
And so I did the same masking tape tree for the large one in the foreground. But after that was done, it seemed like it needed more. After one light wash of blue, I added some trees behind by pouring and guiding masking fluid.
Then came a wash of oranges, blues and purples. Still not enough, I thought. So, I put more masking fluid trees. And more vermillion and Payne's gray.
I couldn't wait any longer to remove the masking! This is the result. Still not done, though. I'm pondering my next move. More detail on the foreground tree? But how much? Crop off a little from the left so its not so centered? Hmm. We shall see.

I might try another one from a different perspective. Like this tree from my front yard which has some splendid color right now. Since the first one was really just an experiment, I can now approach it with a plan. Maybe.