Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Has Sprung

Student art ala Georgia O'Keeffe, tempera
Teaching has been keeping me very busy lately. I love celebrating the spring with flower and animal art. The kids always do such beautiful work!

I'm getting ready for Stanislaus Artist Open Studio tour, coming up on April 12-13. We've been rehabbing the yard, framing art and planning menus. And trying to finish a few new paintings as well.

This year on the tour, my work will be focused on the launch of my first professionally published picture book, Patient for Pumpkins. Here's one of my favorite pictures from the book.

"Summer Bounty" from Patient for Pumpkins, watercolor, 2013
Dinosaur story, work in progress
I've been working on several new picture book ideas. Hoping to have them ready for submissions over the summer. Although, I'm considering another self-publishing venture. We'll see.

Hope you have a beautiful spring!

"Dancing Maidens" watercolor by Linda Knoll, 2013
Yard work.
Refurbished bar stool.