Thursday, April 24, 2014

Its Finally Here!

I've tried to be patient...

Work began on this story over 4 years ago. And finally its done! On sale. Ready to share.

So I'm planning to spend the summer and fall talking about it and visiting as many places as I can to share my creation, "Patient for Pumpkins."

Though it appears to be a fall-themed story, it actually takes place over the course of the summer season. T.J. and his dad visit the Farmer's Market to find fresh, seasonal produce. Each visit, they discover something new and tasty.

Here are some ways to purchase the book online:
Barnes &
North Atlantic Books (the publisher)
Random House (the distributor)

Or, please ask for it at your local bookstore.

Maybe even look for me at your local farmer's market this summer and get an autographed copy.

Let me also thank all those people who helped make this endeavor possible!

T.J. and his dad at the market.