Patient For Pumpkins

In Patient for Pumpkins, young T.J. attends the farmers' market with his father, going to and from the market throughout the seasons, first savoring broccoli and berries, then onions and potatoes, then late summer tomatoes, all the while anticipating the pumpkins and asking when they'll be ready. His father reminds him of the value of patience and what a wonderful reward it will be once the pumpkins are finally available. Alongside this richly illustrated story are informative sidebars, describing and illustrating the ongoing development of the pumpkin patch back at the farm, highlighting the parts of the pumpkin plant and their various stages of growth in the months leading up to the October harvest.

When autumn arrives and the pumpkins finally make it to the farmers' market, T.J. selects his favorite to take home. A sidebar goes on to explain how the farmers plow the leftover vines back into the land for the next season's crops. A checklist of fruits and vegetables commonly available at farmers' markets is provided at the end of the book to encourage children to sample new produce and develop healthy eating habits.

Author Visits

Please contact me if you'd like to schedule a school visit! This book great for K - 2 classes and can be tied in to many topics, including plant life cycle, seasons, autumn, food and nutrition, farming and family.

Lesson Ideas with Pumpkins and other Fruits and Vegetables

There are SO many great resources out there, the possibilities are endless. You'll notice that I'm partial to art projects! And I would love to come and lead an art project with your class. Of course, I throw in a few art concepts as well. Here are a couple of my favorites:
  • Growing pumpkin seedlings and keeping a picture journal
  • Showing expression in jack-o-lantern faces
  • Seed mosaic art - combine this with counting seeds, creating patterns
  • Printing with fruits and vegetables - focus on shapes and patterns
  • Painting a Still Life with pumpkins or other fruits and veggies - creating space, mixing colors

A selection of the sidebar illustrations.

Here are some ways to purchase the book online:
Barnes &
North Atlantic Books (the publisher)
Random House (the distributor)

Or, please ask for it at your local bookstore.

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